Nebula NGC 6729 in Corona Australis

NGC 6729 was one of the three nebulae discovered by the German astronomer Johann Friedrich Julius Schmidt in 1861.It is a combination reflection and emission nebula that surrounds the star R Coronae Australis, an Orion-type variable located in the constellation Corona Australis.

NGC 6729,reflection nebula,emission nebula,Corona Australis

NGC 6729 in Corona Australis



NGC 1333 in Perseus Constellation

Reflection nebula NGC 1333 is a star forming region located in Perseus constellation and part of the Perseus OB2 molecular cloud complex. The nebula is approximately a thousand light-years distant from Earth and has an apparent magnitude of 5.6. The light of the stars that are being formed in the nebula is obscured by thick clouds of dust, but a photograph taken by the Spitzer Space Telescope has revealed that the young stars are divided into two groups inside the nebula; one in the northern region and the other one in the southern part of NGC 1333.

ngc 1333,perseus,perseus nebula,perseus constellation

Reflection Nebula NGC 1333 in Perseus